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author of #claywaterbrick. cofounder of @kiva. instructor at @USC. investor at @collabfund. in love w @rezaaslan + our three boys.

Trusting the world

When we get to a new hotel, the boys love to rush in and explore every single corner. They race through and open every cabinet, flop onto every piece of furniture, test every light switch. I mostly hang back, watching, making sure they’re not about to destroy anything. I know they’re just excited and that…

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The flying part

Anytime we travel, someone along the way comments, “I don’t know how you do it, traveling with three little ones!” While I’d like to just smile, accept the compliment, and pretend that we are just amazing parents with children who make it easy all the time, that’s not totally accurate. I mean, the kids *are*…

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This is happening

So the day after tomorrow we head out for a round-the-world journey with our boys (currently 6, 6, and 3). This is happening. For real. I say this for myself, mostly, because even though we’ve been prepping for months and dreaming for years, it’s hard to believe the moment is almost here. But it’s true!…

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